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Hygienic Products - Go with the Flow - Managing the Flow

Hygienic Products - Go with the Flow - Managing the Flow

Go with the Flow - Managing the Flow

In our final blog of our Go with the Flow series we will be looking at managing fluid flows. In our Go with the Flow series we have introduced you to some of our hygienic products which include isolation and control valves, sensors and meters.

In Managing the Flow, we will introduce you to some of the products Valves Online offer that manage the processes. These include our controllers that are designed to work perfectly with our range of valves and sensors and aimed specifically for sanitary environments.

The controller we will focus on is the multiCELL. This controller accepts various input signals and transmits programmed output signals and fills a need for a low-cost controller, doing away from an expensive PLC.

We are increasingly seeing more and more requirements for low cost controlling and sensing of fluid flows, especially in the manufacture and processing of foodstuffs and Valves Online are the people to talk to. By pursuing a more control orientated approach to fluid handling the customer can realise some important operational benefits that include:

  • Increased Quality - accurate measurement and control, mean that set points can be met time and time again, and on the results of testing can be refined.
  • Increased Repeatability - through sensors and controllers, variables and unknowns can be isolated and measured. This means that the process can take into full account what is going in and adjust accordingly so that the specific mix is always achieved.
  • Increased Efficiency - through the use of accurate digital measurement and control, human error and overshoot associated with older analogue control methods can be eliminated resulting in less energy usage and reduced processing time.
  • Reduced product wastage - control technologies allow more precise dispensing, more precise cooking/processing meaning that the batch wastage is reduced, reducing manufacture cost and improving efficiency.


Managing the Flow

The multiCELL transmitter/controller offers many opportunities and can adapt to a multitude of situations, industries and processes offering a degree of flexibility in a compact package all without having to program a PLC.

The multiCELL transmitter/controller accepts many different input signals from sensors such as pH, ORP, Conductivity, free chlorine, etc. all in a user defined arrangement. The multicell can be supplied as standard or with up to 6 Input/output boards for any additional analytical sensors or digital signals. One device can be used for a wide range of applications.

It can also accept flow, temperature and level signals and is fully configurable with analytical and mathematical functions, and available in panel mount or wall mount options.

Cooling tower water treatment:

The multiCELL can be used as a modular solution for different complexities of treatment programs. Among others for:

  • A bleed and feed can be realised measuring the conductivity value
  • Chemical dosing proportional to feed water flow
  • Timer-based chemical dosing of up to two channels
  • pH control of the cooling water is possible
  • Flow circulation check ensures the function of the complete system

MulticellDrinking water:

  • Quality monitoring of the water by measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, free chlorine
  • Flow measurement for monitoring and control loops

Ultrapure water:

  • Conductivity measurement of ultrapure water (UP) by using integrated special temperature compensation tables including flow measurement of UP water


  • Quality monitoring of the water by measuring pH, ORP, conductivity including reverse osmosis (RO) membrane monitoring Reverse Osmosis:
  • pH adjustment to avoid scaling of the RO membrane
  • ORP and free chlorine monitoring to check maximum chlorine rate for membrane protection
  • Conductivity measurement (percentage reject feed-permeate) for RO membrane monitoring
  • Flow measurement for control and monitoring of feed water

Clean In Place processes the multiCELL can act as one transmitter/controller for

  • pH measurement on caustic and/or acids
  • conductivity measurement to ensure the installation is cleaned
  • outputs to monitor the valves

Disinfections processes

  • Measurement of Free Chlorine, pH and/or ORP
  • Flow measurement in the main pipe for ensuring the right dosing of the disinfectant
  • Multiple analogue and digital outputs for SPS, dosing pumps and/ or valves

If you need any more information or would like us to take a look at delivering a sensibly priced system, then call our sales team at Valves Online.


To enquire about our range of sensors and controls or to discuss your hygienic applications and requirements in more detail please contact us: E-Mail: sales@valvesonline.co.uk Telephone: +44(0)1822 855 600 To view and purchase hygienic valves, control valves, fittings and accessories from our range of Hygienic products please visit our Hygienic Select website: www.hygienicselect.co.uk